January 21, 2021

For almost 40 years the delivery trucks of Specific Pacific Foods have been a common sight on the streets and freeways of Southern California. We’ve logged millions of miles, met so many amazing people and developed countless special relationships and friends along the way. Some of our long-term customers have been with us for over 35 years! It’s been a good run… So far!

Unfortunately the pandemic has forced many companies including ours to assess and perhaps re-evaluate the way they do business if they are to survive. Change is not always easy and though our golden years are on the horizon, we’re up for the challenge. Marcy and I are nowhere near ready to take up golf yet and we’d like to tell you briefly about the next exciting phase for Specific Pacific Foods.

Acquiring new customers is expensive, so instead of wasting money
on advertising and marketing, we’re growing our own
sustainable database organically, with our…


BirdDog - [burd-dawg] - (noun): One that locates or refers customers,
often generating a monetary reward as compensation or a commission.

It’s basically a profit-sharing referral program that costs
absolutely nothing to be part of, requires no effort, but still pays
out a generous piece of our pie. We’d rather reward our BirdDogs for
referring us, than to pay for social media efforts that produce little or no results.

“The fact that a person doesn’t have to purchase anything, yet still gets paid when
anyone in their network buys, for a whole year, is the real beauty of the whole system.”

Do you LOVE  to Cook?
Do you HATE to Cook?
Either Way,
Specific Pacific Foods has the ANSWER!


Voted “BEST OF LA” by Los Angeles Magazine

USDA Choice/Prime Beef ~ USDA Certified Organics ~ Gorgeous, Wild Seafood
Amazing, Australian Wagyu Beef ~ Healthy, Kid-Friendly Foods
All Natural Plain/Prepared Poultry ~ High-End Appetizers
Veggie Items ~ Unique Side Dishes
Tasty, Gluten-Free Choices
To-Die-For Desserts

Free Delivery in Most of Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Bread and Butter of
Our Company?

Repeat Customers and Referrals

Repeat Customers and Referrals are the Bread and Butter of Any Business

Over the years, our customers have referred us to so many people out of
the goodness of their hearts and we are ever so grateful. We’ve often said
thank you with a free box of our food. With BirdDog Network, we give back to
those that help us grow with a little dough, maybe a lot…

Here’s How It Works…

LEVEL 1These are your direct referrals.
When any of them buy,
you’ll earn 10% of those
LEVEL 2Your referrals will refer us to
their contacts. When any of those referrals buy, you’ll also earn 5% of those purchases…
LEVEL 3Their referrals will refer us to
their contacts. When any of those referrals buy, you’ll also earn 5% of those purchases…

Technical Stuff… 🤓

  • To get started, just CLICK BELOW to receive your unique BirdDog link. Always use this link when sharing with your contacts to ensure that you get credited the correct percentage for all sales throughout your network. There is NEVER a requirement for you to purchase to qualify, but… your referrals are more likely to try us if you have. Just sayin’…
  • Share your custom link with your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. It will guide them to our website where they can browse without pressure and can check out the BirdDog Network. Even if they don’t purchase at the time, it would still make sense for them to share your link since they’d qualify to earn if any of their referrals do purchase. So would you
  • That’s it, you never have to do another thing. All purchases are tracked and coordinated by LeadDyno, an independent firm that tracks and coordinates payments to affiliate marketers worldwide. Whenever anyone in your network purchases, your account will get credited the appropriate amount. Your quarterly check will arrive in the mail, or you can cash out with PayPal.

Every new referral of yours that purchases,
or refers a new customer, will trigger a new network
and another year’s worth of earnings from all their “offspring.”
Go make some new friends. 😀

Facts and Figures Based (Loosely) on 39 years in Business

Instead of trying to dazzle you with pie-in-the-sky-expectations, here are some real
numbers to play with. The average box price is around $150 and our average
regular customer buys 2 to 4 boxes every month or two. Many customers
will purchase 6 to 8 items at a time and quite often, some will stock
their freezers a few times a year with larger orders of
10 to 12 boxes or more. Do the math…

Fundraising Numbers Can Get Really Impressive

If your cause joins with Specific Pacific Foods in a coordinated
fundraising effort, it could mean contributions flowing in effortlessly
and perhaps exponentially to its treasury. Contact us for more information
on how BirdDog Network can help your fundraiser be a Ginormous success!

Getting Your Order There…

We anticipate getting many referrals outside of Los Angeles and Orange
counties. Plans are in the works to expand our delivery area with a shipping
division to offer our products statewide and then nationwide. Apologies
to future customers not residing in our current delivery area.
Hang on, we’ll get to you…🙂

Of course our delivery trucks will help out with local deliveries to keep that personal
touch we’ve become known for since 1981. Now your referrals can order securely
right on our website and by the way, sending a gift of
Specific Pacific Foods is easier than ever!

One More Thing…

Help Us Save Dogs’ Lives!

We love dogs so much. ❤ One day hopefully, euthanizing
will not be necessary. To that cause, Specific Pacific Foods is happy
to donate $1 per box sold through the BirdDog Network to No-Kill Shelters.