Sage Advice

Goldie with glasses

We anticipate that many will refer the same people. Since everyone knows so many of
the same folks within a town or school district, we suggest that you share early. Don’t count
anyone out, even if it’s not for them at the time, they know people elsewhere that you
don’t. It costs nothing to share and if any of their peeps purchase,
they’ll get their percentages. So will you…

How About a Shameless Bribe?

Golden Retreiver with rose

Any new customer you refer will automatically receive a FREE BOX
of our amazing Wagyu Burgers ($96 value) with their first order!
We’re willing to put our money where
their mouth is.
And really, w
ho doesn’t love a good burger?

And Pretty Please…

Shepherd with blue eyes

If you’re not purchasing at this time, but intend to share BirdDog Network, thank you.
For the sake of fairness, we ask that you be sure that the person who referred you gets what’s
due to them by making sure that their BirdDog Link is included in any correspondence to all that
you might refer. You’ll get a piece if your peeps purchase, plus a percentage of your peeps’
peeps’ purchases…🙄 Be sure they  get theirs too…