Who Has Questions?

#1. Why do some items list a variance in the quantity per box?

Because of normal market fluctuations that affect availability, we may receive products that are larger or smaller than normal. For instance, if the Salmon are running (swimming) smaller in a given season, there might be an extra piece or two in the box. The opposite would apply if the fish are coming in large. The variance allows us the flexibility to run efficiently without having to adjust pricing on a weekly basis.

#2. What’s the big deal about Wagyu Beef?

We say if you never had a good Wagyu steak, then it’s the best steak you’ve never had! This beef is marbled even more than USDA Prime, giving it juiciness and a buttery flavor unlike any other breed of cattle.

#3. Are there different grades of Wagyu?

Australian Wagyu Beef is graded based on the density of the marbling known as the Beef Marble Score, (BMS) which ranges from 3 to 9. The higher the BMS, the more expensive it will be. We offer only six and above, as we feel it’s just the right amount of marbling.

#4. Is all of your fish wild?

Most all of our fish is indeed wild. See item description for details. We strive to only purchase premiere quality seafood from reputable sources that focus on sustainable fishing or harvesting. Additionally our fish are smart… they come from the best schools 😂!

#5. How are your chickens processed?

First and foremost, the chickens we carry are Free-Range and are never, ever injected with antibiotics or hormones. Our birds are allowed to roam around freely to eat grass and clover and chase grasshoppers to their hearts content. We offer two options… Organic and not. See item description for details.

#6. Can I send a gift(s) to a different address than my own?

Yes, simply enter the recipients’ address when asked for shipping address. Be sure to include their phone number so we can arrange delivery.

#7. How will I know when my order will be delivered?

After your order is received, we will contact you by phone to set up a delivery time that’s convenient for you.

#8. There is too much quantity, can half and half boxes be purchased?

In the old days we could and would…. For numerous reasons, we can no longer accommodate that request.

#9. What is your return policy?

Our goal is your complete satisfaction. If you’re not happy with something, please contact us right away and we’ll resolve the issue, replace the item or issue a refund.

#10. Why would Specific Pacific Foods reward a BirdDog even if they themselves never purchase anything, but their referrals do become a customer?

If not for that particular BirdDogs’ effort, their contacts might never have known about us. We feel that person should be rewarded regardless of whether they become a customer or not. For a year.

#11. How do you know who referred whom and how do you keep track of it all?

Every BirdDog receives their own Specific Link that connects them to everybody that qualifies. Those links ensure the chronological order of all involved and are tracked by LeadDyno, an independent company that tracks and coordinates payment structures for major marketing firms internationally.

#12. The payouts may get to be substantial, how can you give away so much?

Instead of spending our marketing budget on advertising, we are cultivating new customers organically by spreading the wealth among our BirdDog Network. While it’s true that our profit margin will take a hit, we plan to make it up in volume and longtime customers.

#13. Isn’t this a pyramid scheme?

Absolutely not. There’s no scheme. All BirdDogs are compensated the same amount whether they are customers or not. A person can become a BirdDog and watch their network grow for free and never, ever has to purchase to earn the percentage promised. Nobody can buy in to get a higher percentage or any other benefits.

#14. How can BirdDog Network help our fundraiser raise money?

If your fundraiser is named to be the beneficiary of a jointly organized effort, it could benefit from truly exponential exposure thanks to the power of social media and our great food. Everybody Eats! Contact us to discuss the details.

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