Celebrating 40 Years!

Since 1981, Specific Pacific Foods has been one of Los Angeles’
best-kept secrets, providing the highest quality meats, seafood,
poultry and appetizers directly to the home.

Much like the Good Humor and Helms Bakery trucks of days gone by,
Specific Pacific Foods trucks have been a common sight in
the neighborhoods and on the roads and freeways of
Southern California for over 40 years.
Still going strong.

Getting Your Order There

Our delivery trucks will always be around, making local deliveries
to keep that personal touch we’ve become known for. Once your order
is placed you’ll be contacted, typically within 24 hours
to arrange a convenient delivery time.

Free Local Delivery in Most of
Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange Counties

For orders outside of our normal delivery
area, please contact us.


Give ‘em an “E-Giftificate”🙄

An E-Giftificate from Specific Pacific Foods is the perfect gift for any
occasion throughout the year. Select an amount, fill in the info and send.
Delivered instantly and can be used immediately.

Let them pick their own gift.

No guessing
Perfect for any occasion
Redeemable online or by phone
Download and print or send to recipient

Everybody Eats!

Businesses always need new customers. Over the years we’ve
consistently gotten referrals from folks that know good food
(our customers) and we are ever so grateful.
It got us thinking…🤔

“BirdDog Network”

BirdDog – [burd-dawg] – (noun): One that locates or refers customers, often
generating a commission as a monetary reward or finders fee.

We’ve come up with a new way to say thank you. Instead of
wasting money with marketing companies that get little or no
results, we’re growing our own customers organically.

The fact that a person doesn’t have to purchase anything, yet still
gets paid when anyone in their network buys, for a whole
year, is the real beauty of the whole system.

How It Works

Get your Unique Link below which will guide your referrals to our website where
they can browse without pressure. Share with everyone, perhaps they’ll
purchase… maybe they just want to earn some extra income.
They know people that you don’t. Let them decide.


These are all of
your personal
Direct Referrals.
Every time someone
purchases, you will receive




These are all of
Direct Referrals.
Every time someone
purchases, you’ll also receive




These are all of
Direct Referrals.
Every time someone
purchases, you’ll also receive



Every new referral of yours that purchases or refers a new
customer, will trigger a new network and another year’s
worth of earnings from all of their “offspring.”
Go make some new friends 😆.

The Sharing

Maybe a friend is a “Soccer Mom” or a coach
who knows countless Moms and Dads. Perhaps someone
works at a large company where he knows all the employees.

Bloggers, Foodies, Influencers or anyone with a following could be a
great source. Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know.
Or who they know. Some will purchase, many will share.

The Assist

To coax referrals to try us out, Specific Pacific Foods automatically
throws in a FREE BOX of our outstanding Wagyu Burgers with their first
order, a $96 value. And really, who doesn’t love a great burger?
A shameless bribe, but we’re OK with that…

The Numbers

The average box price is around $150. Regular customers typically
buy 2 to 4 boxes every month or so. Many will purchase 6 to 8
every few months, while some stock up once or twice a
year with larger orders of 10 items or more.
Do the math…

LeadDyno, an independent tracking firm, calculates all commissions for
quarterly disbursement through PayPal. At any time, BirdDogs can
log in to their Personal Dashboard to see how
much they’ve earned so far.

For Details Go To

Fundraising with “BirdDog Network”

Partnering with us means that your campaign will be promoting great
quality food. That we pay commissions to those who help make the
campaign a success, is the reason it will be profitable.

While prizes and recognition are nice,
there really is no better motivator than CASH.

BirdDog Network can be hugely successful with
any philanthropic organization, team, group or club.

In the example below, ABC School’s graduating class has a goal of raising
enough money to go on a cruise to Cabo San Lucas for their Senior Class Trip.
The funds raised will pay for any senior that wants to go.

Nobody Gets Left Behind!

The Plan

Seniors eagerly agree to donate all personal commissions to
ABC Senior Class Treasury for 6 months, the duration of the fundraiser.
Thereafter, all individual networks revert back to the seniors that built them.

Satisfaction from helping the “cause” will instill pride and camaraderie.
Knowing that when the campaign ends they will continue to
earn income, will inspire participation.

The Strategy

Bob’s Mom and Dad plan to purchase to support
the cause. They have some referrals as well, but Bob
calculated that it’s a better strategy to “Partner with his Parents.”

Simply by using his Unique Link for the entire family’s contacts,
commissions will be increased significantly. Of course Bob
shared his idea with the whole class.

Good job, Bob!🤓

The Deal

Purchase an E-Giftificate for someone new to Specific Pacific Foods.
You know they’ll love our food. Perhaps they’ll add to the amount and/or
re-purchase… maybe even become a BirdDog themselves.
They would be in your network by the way…🤔

The Ease

Everybody knows somebody. Ready made templates make it quick and easy
for your participants to share about the campaign with their friends, family and
co-workers. Specific Pacific Foods processes and delivers the orders
and everyone gets paid. It doesn’t get any easier.

We Have Our Own Cause

We love dogs so much. One day hopefully, the shelters will be empty and
all dogs will find a happy, forever home. To that goal, Specific Pacific
Foods happily donates one dollar per box sold through all
BirdDog Networks, to non-kill shelters ❤.

The Promise


We are not promising anyone will get rich from BirdDog Network, but we do vow to
provide the same excellent food and great service that we’ve become known for since 1981.
While we can clearly see our off-ramp to retirement ahead, Specific Pacific Foods is
our almost 40 year old baby and she’s not going anywhere.
Always been that way. Always will be…

Questions? Comments? Contact Us.

Mark and Marcy

“Forever 39”



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