Do you LOVE  to Cook?
Do you HATE to Cook?
Either Way,
Specific Pacific Foods has the ANSWER! 


Voted “BEST OF LA” by Los Angeles Magazine

USDA Choice/Prime Beef ~ USDA Certified Organics ~ Gorgeous, Wild Seafood
Amazing, Australian Wagyu Beef ~ Healthy, Kid-Friendly Foods
All Natural Plain/Prepared Poultry ~ High-End Appetizers
Veggie Items ~ Unique Side Dishes
Tasty, Gluten-Free Choices
To-Die-For Desserts

Free Delivery in Most of Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Got Referrals?

Repeat Customers and Referrals are

the Bread and Butter of Any Business

Repeat Customers and Referrals are the Bread and Butter of Any Business

Acquiring new customers the old school way is expensive. Take a look at our idea…
It’s basically a profit-sharing referral program that costs absolutely nothing to be part of,
requires no effort, but still pays out a generous piece of our pie. With our version of affiliate
marketing, we’re growing our own sustainable database of customers… Organically.
It makes more sense to divert our budget to reward those that help us grow, than to pay for
social media efforts that produce little or no results. Simple as that. Earn commissions
effortlessly for doing practically nothing and spending absolutely nothing.
Unless you want to…😬

Introducing BirdDog Network

Ginger BirdDog Network
BirdDog – [burd-dawg] – (noun): One that locates or refers
customers, often generating a monetary reward or a commission.
Perhaps you know someone that can use our service and/or
some extra income. Maybe you could tell them about us?
Could be good for them, you and us…
Truly a Win-Win-Win!
🤗 🤗 🤗
No Catches. Promise.
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