Give ‘em an “E-Giftificate”🙄

An E-Giftificate from Specific Pacific Foods is the perfect gift for any
occasion throughout the year. Select an amount, fill in the info and send.
Delivered instantly and can be used immediately.

Let them pick their own gift.

No guessing
Perfect for any occasion
Redeemable online or by phone
Download and print or send to recipient

Everybody Eats!


$elect an Amount

(You love them very much)🙂


For a larger amount, contact us. Please.


Jump-Start or Add to Your

BirdDog Network

Purchase an E-Giftificate for someone new to Specific Pacific Foods.
You know they’ll love our food. Perhaps they’ll add to the amount,
or re-purchase, maybe even become a BirdDog themselves.
They would be in your network, by the way… 🤔

To help tempt them, all new customers
automatically receive a FREE box of our outstanding
Wagyu Burgers ($96 value) with their first order!
And really, who doesn’t love a good burger?

A shameless bribe, but we’re OK with that.